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Laser Dentistry :

Now a days laser dentistry has became a solution for many dental problems. It is used since it is effective and precise. Laser lights are special type of light which is very intense and narrow beam of light energy. The instrument that is used to produce laser light is known as laser. This laser light is used to rectify many problems related to tissues, because when these light come in contact with the tissues there occurs a reaction which in result can remove dead tissues and also can shape out the defected tissue.

Improved dental procedures can be done by using laser dentistry, but it depends on the dentist's capability to control the exposure duration on the tissue and also the power output. If you want to get treatment from the experts who have incorporated laser dentistry into their treatment and practices, Dental Solutions in Bangalore is a solution. This is one of the Best Dental Clinic in Bangalore which provides world class treatments in laser dentistry.

Advantages of Laser Dentistry

  • Laser treatment is non-surgical. So there is no stitching and scar. 
  • Some of the laser treatment doesn't require any anesthesia. 
  • There is only minimal blood loss since the blood in the exposed blood vessels clots as a result of the emitted high energy light beam. 
  • The high energy laser beam sterilizes the treated area. So the Bacterial Infections are reduced. 
  • There is no damage for the surrounding tissue. 
  • Healing of the wounds should be fast and it helps in the regeneration of tissues. 

Laser Dentistry Applications

  • Laser dentistry helps to perform a wide varsity of treatment procedure and that will be unable to cray out without this technique. 
  • Dental lasers in low intensity is used for whitening of teeth. 
  • Benign tumors are the tumors that occur in the gums, lips, palate and sides of cheeks. These tumors can be removed safely without any pain by using dental lasers. 
  • It can be used for viewing tissues in tooth and gum. For seeing inside tooth and gum in real time in a safer way we use the laser technique optical coherence tomography. 
  • The pain due to the cold sores can be reduced by using low intense dental lasers and by this the healing time will be minimized. 
  • Dental lasers can be also used to regenerate damaged blood vessels and nerves. This is known as photobiomodulation. 
  • The inflammation and pain in the temporomandibular jaw joints can be easily treated by using the dental lasers. 
  • Sleep apnea is a problem that is caused due to the overgrowth of a tissue in the throat. Laser assisted uvuloplasty is done in these cases to recover from this problem and to avoid the breathing inability associated with this. 

There are mainly two types of laser dentistry procedures

  • Hard Tissue Laser Dentistry Procedures (for teeth) 
  • Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry Procedures (for gum) 

Hard Tissue Laser Dentistry procedures

  • The cavities are detected as early as possible by using dental lasers with low intensity known as cavity detectors. This gives a reading of the produced by-products while tooth decay. 
  • The bacteria in the cavity are killed by using the hard tissue dental lasers. There is no need of dental drill and anesthetic injection since it is eliminated by the lasers. Then the lasers are used for filling the cavity thus we will get a long term restoration. 
  • Hard tissue dental lasers are also used for avoiding the hot and cold sensitivity problems by sealing the tubules located at the root which is responsible for the sensitivity. 

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry procedures

  • A beautiful tooth structure can be achieved by reshaping the gum and the bone associated with the tooth. This procedure is known as crown lengthening. 
  • Soft tissue fold that are caused by the wrong-fitted dentures can be removed by using soft dental lasers. 
  • Speech impotency in children can be treated to an extent by using these lasers. This technique is termed as frenectomy. This treatment is also done in babies who are unable to breastfed due to the less movement of tongue. 
  • We can reform the gummy smile by reshaping the gum in such a way that the good tooth should be exposed while smiling. 

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