Thursday, 17 November 2016

Healthy Gum for Healthy Smile

The infection that affects the tissues and bone surrounding the teeth is called a Gum Disease. This disease is also termed as a periodontal disease. There are two major types of gum diseases such as Periodontitis and Gingivitis.

Gingivitis: It is a mild condition of gum disease. Gum and nearby tissues are affected by Gingivitis. Inflammation of the gums results swelling which turns red and bleeding also takes place. During bruising applying even a small pressure induces bleeding in the gums. Improper oral care and lack of hygiene develop bacteria that affect the gums.  If the proper treatment is given at the initial stage, the disease can be managed.

Periodontitis has various forms such as 

Chronic Periodontitis
: This is the most common form of periodontitis. Gingival recession and pocket formation are the main features of this type. It occurs more in adults.

Aggressive Periodontitis
: Sudden loss of attachment, familial aggregation, and bone destruction are the distinctiveness of this condition.
Necrotizing Periodontal disease: Necrosis is the condition of irreversible cells’ death. It may happen to gingival tissues, periodontal ligament, and alveolar bone. Patients with HIV infection, malnutrition Immunosuppression are prone to such condition.

Mild Periodontitis: It is the beginning form of periodontitis. When the plaque hardens into calculus in between the gum and tooth space, the problem starts. Bacteria and toxins easily invade below the gum line. These easily attack the gum tissue and bone which supports the teeth.
Moderate Periodontitis: This condition is due to the untreated or improperly treated mild periodontitis. The gum depth will be 6-7 mm. Moderate periodontitis occurs when the mild periodontitis left untreated or not treated properly. The gum will have a depth of 6-7 mm crevice.
Severe Periodontitis: Moderate periodontitis becomes severe if is left untreated. In this case, the gum crack depth would be around 8 mm.
Laser gum treatment is a pervading method which simplifies the method of treatment with no pain, no bleed, and shorter recovery.
Gum diseases are treated with Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty by Laser. The most common laser called “diode laser” is currently employed in such treatments. 

Periodontal gum diseases are treated with LANAP, (Nd: YAG) Laser which results in less tissue removal, with less discomfort and gum recession than the conventional periodontal surgery with no scalpels or sutures. 

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